STEAM Content and Flying Fish’s Exhibition Offerings

This month at Flying Fish, we’re celebrating STEAM education and content in our portfolio. To learn more about STEAM and why it matters, check out this blog post. Each exhibition in Flying Fish’s touring portfolio relates to STEAM in some fashion, including three which demonstrate all STEAM elements: Spiders, Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks, and Voyage to the Deep.


Following the world premiere of Spiders at Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, the exhibition prepares for its next display at Montréal Science Centre. The exhibition is highly interactive with several STEAM learning opportunities.

   Arachnology! Did you know that spiders can be milked for their venom? Venom can be used to treat various illnesses.

   Featuring augmented reality spiders in the virtual cave.

   Spiders are brilliant engineers. Wait until you see the webs their spinning in our terrariums. Their homes are designed to protect them while luring prey.

   Spiders Color Scan – color a spider, scan it, and watch it crawl on screen with the other critters.

   Come and see the geometric marvels in a stand-in terrarium.

We’re accepting reservations for Spiders in the U.S. and Canada beginning Fall 2019 and onward. Learn more here, then get in touch.

Voyage to the Deep

From the Australian National Maritime Museum, Voyage to the Deep recently arrived in the U.S after a short tour through Australia. This exhibition offers STEAM learning opportunities in and around an interactive, walk-in submarine.

  Learn about marine biology, habitats, and creatures.

   Features deep sea technology and submarine mechanics.

   Steer the submarine and learn about how diving equipment is designed and used.

   Features whimsical décor inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

   Compare your height to the length of a narwhal tusk in an interactive height chart.

We’re accepting reservations for Voyage to the Deep beginning Fall 2019 and onward. Learn more here, then get in touch.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks has proven to be a visitor, educator and family favorite. Featuring content in STEAM, the exhibition experience is well-rounded and one for all ages to enjoy.

  Much of the content focuses on the architecture of the buildings, some so tall – they seem to defy gravity.

   Learn how to use LEGO as building tools to design your own towers.

   Twenty skyscrapers were carefully selected to feature in this exhibition. Each of them represents design and engineering marvels in their architecture.

   The original towers themselves are amazing, but furthermore, the artistic vision taken by Ryan McNaught, designer of the LEGO towers, allowed his to recreate these towers completely of LEGO Bricks in a truly amazing way.

   Learn about scale! 400,000 LEGOs used and over 2,000 hours spent to build the towers; towers are built at 1:200 scale; 200,000 loose LEGOs for visitor play.

We’re accepting reservations for Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO Bricks beginning Fall 2020 and onward. Learn more here, then get in touch.

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