Transporting and Caring for Unique, and Sometimes Dangerous, Objects for Museums

Often times, initiating and operating an exhibition tour is relatively straight-forward for our team at Flying Fish. Sometimes, we’re presented with extreme cases – like touring an exhibition with live, venomous spiders across borders. We’ve also dealt with transporting delicate and extremely rare specimens, in the case of T.rex fossils. Flying Fish is even entrusted with protecting Jim Henson’s creations from the public eye until a highly specialized curator has properly posed the character precisely to match its “personality”.

Live, Venomous Spiders

When Australian Museum in Sydney, intended for Spiders: From Fear to Fascination, to tour North America, they called us! With careful planning, proper packing and crating, and hefty customs and CITES applications, the exhibition made its way from Australia to Canada to premiere at the Royal Ontario Museum before beginning its North American tour. The premiere was an enormous success and well worth the countless hours to ensure the incoming permits, paperwork and freight were properly accounted for. The spiders are now bigger, badder, and more comfortable in their terrariums.

To learn more about the Spiders exhibition – read about it here or view it in person now through September 2019 at Montreal Science Centre. The tour will continue across North America stopping at museums and science centers from coast to coast.



Delicate Carnegie Specimens

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family features never-before-toured rare T.rex specimens on special loan from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Included are a partial upper jaw (with teeth), juvenile femur, pubic boot and a fused nasal (snout bones). We’re excited to be able to offer the opportunity for visitors to lay eyes on millions of years of history without having to leave their hometowns. The Carnegie specimens are carefully packed, handled delicately, and must be kept in environmentally controlled settings at all times.

To find out more about Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, visit this link, or see it in person at the Durham Museum in Omaha, NE June 8 – September 1, 2019.



Curated Poses

After The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited travels to a new location, each puppet is carefully revealed only to a trained curator. This is done to ensure that the characters’ personas are always accurately represented when viewed. The curator carefully handles each object and poses it to reflect its personality.

You can learn more about The Jim Henson Exhibition here, or see it at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, OH May 25 – September 2, 2019.

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