Flying Fish 2020 Quarterly 4

Is 2020 over yet? Not quite! I hope you’ll pardon our quasi-silence this year. We know that you’ve been busy adjusting to major changes and challenges. On our end, we’ve been finalizing projects and forming partnerships and collaborations which we haven’t yet formally announced…until today. So, before you close down your office, wherever it may be (your kitchen counter?) for the holidays, I hope you’ll take some time with us to see what we’ve been doing for the museum industry. 

Through a newly formed partnership, we’re bringing you a touchless solution for your touchscreens. Freetouch is a software-based solution that allows visitors to simply scan a QR code to interact with your programs using their personal mobile devices. This system can be integrated with yours within minutes and can be used by your visitors within seconds. Try it free, then sign up for a subscription. It’s so easy!

From the museum that brought you the traveling exhibition, Voyage to the Deep (now touring North America), the Australian National Maritime Museum is yet again partnering with us at Flying Fish to bring an exhibition to North America. Created in partnership with renowned filmmaker and underwater explorer, James Cameron, Challenging the Deep will make its U.S. debut in the Summer of 2021. Learn more about this immersive exhibition with must-see objects and state-of-the-art multimedia projections here.

Shortly after Joanie Philipp joined us at Flying Fish as our Business Development Manager out of Charlotte, NC, we were consequently introduced to the North Carolina Arboretum. The Arboretum has had a touring exhibition program for many years with the debut of Wicked Plants, the Exhibition. Not long ago, they added Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance to their tour program. Now the North Carolina Arboretum is enlisting the services of yours truly for the placement and tour operations of both exhibitions. We hope you’ll consider bringing one or both to your venue! 

Many of you haven’t realized this, but at Flying Fish, we build exhibitions in-house. Now, thanks to a partnership with the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (BBCM), we are building custom children’s exhibits for sale based on BBCM’s designs. These are free-standing exhibits easy to integrate into most spaces. Place your order today and Velocity and/or Super Service Center can be ready for you within 30 days!


2021 Availabilities

We’ve had some changes to our 2021 display periods – imagine that! If you have a vacant gallery next year, I hope you’ll consider bringing in one of our exhibitions. For 2021 displays, our prices are flexible to support you to keep these exhibitions open.

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