Fearless Genius chronicles Steve Jobs and other brilliant innovators


At the end of the twentieth century, a brilliant tribe in Silicon Valley set out to create a better future. Their quest sparked the Digital Revolution, an explosion of innovation that created more jobs and wealth than at any time in history.  They changed our world forever. And Doug Menuez was there, documenting the greatest innovators of this crucial era from 1985-2000 to create an extraordinary archive, now preserved at Stanford University Library, from which we bring you Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution Exhibition.


Although Silicon Valley began as a regional explosion, it quickly became a global phenomenon sparking whole regions to scale and develop modern economies. Astounding new technologies changed the way we interact with each other and the world’s cultures. The impact of this continues today as entrepreneurial start-up culture continues to spread like wildfire around the globe. Fearless Genius brings fuel to the fire with inspirational stories and relevant lessons for the new generation of fearless geniuses everywhere.


The exhibition takes visitors on an emotional, visual and auditory journey. The greatest technological advances are created at the intersection of the arts and science and that is what Fearless Genius represents to its audiences. Doug Menuez’s access brings us the largely unknown sacrifice, struggle and pure idealism that drove the people who built our world. It is an extremely compelling exhibition, with behind-the scenes-imagery, corresponding text and commentary from Doug, video interviews and virtual reality that will give visitors a rare insider’s perspective on this explosive period.


Space Required:7,000 - 12,000 sq.ft.
Minimum Ceiling Height:12 ft. recommended
Standard Rental Length:3 month minimum
Production Time:14 working days for each install & de-install
Freight:4 - 40 ft. containers or 3 - 53 ft. trucks. Crates require storage.



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