HOCKEY chronicles the history and science of one of the fastest games on earth. This groundbreaking exhibition takes visitors on a journey through over a century of hockey history, revealing how science has changed the sport. Innovative displays of artifacts not only highlight technological advances in equipment but they serve to teach visitors that scientific concepts can be found everywhere in ice hockey.


In the center of the exhibition, a captivating locker room tunnel leads visitors to a ‘Hockey Science Lab’, where they can experiment with over a dozen hands-on interactives on a replica rink. Large-scale interactive experiences demonstrate fun and engaging scientific concepts.


Examples of ice hockey’s influence on society and a whimsical homage to fans, where visitors can compete with each other using table hockey games, also underscore the enormous impact that ice hockey has had across the globe.


HOCKEY is currently in development – a co-production between Flying Fish and a North American science center. The traveling exhibition will premiere in Spring 2021 and we are now accepting reservations beginning Fall 2021. Inquire to receive more information.


Montreal, Quebec, CanadaAPRIL 2, 2021 - SEPTEMBER 6, 2021
Seattle, Washington, USAOCTOBER 29, 2021 - FEBRUARY 27, 2022
Contact us to make a reservationAVAILABLE


Space Required:6,000 - 8,000 sq.ft.
Standard Rental Length:3 month minimum


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