Flying Fish is a world-renowned producer of museum and science center exhibitions offering comprehensive services from design & fabrication to sales & marketing and global tour operations. Flying Fish works with some of the world’s top museums to co-produce exhibitions from their collections and is entrusted to tour its clients’ exhibitions globally. Flying Fish provides a wide variety of services to execute upon a successful touring exhibition program.


When our clients select us as their design partner, they discover where creative genius meets seasoned exhibition architecture. Our expert staff possesses a diverse skillset, much to the benefit of the museum industry. We know touring exhibitions and what it takes to produce and maintain an experience that tours the globe to venues of varying shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we know what’s marketable – nationally and globally. We know what museums and science centers expect in order to meet their missions. We know what visitors want, how they learn, and what they’ll remember.


From our state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Minneapolis-St. Paul, USA, Flying Fish’s team of experienced exhibit fabricators have produced exhibits and experiences for top-tier institutions and for internationally touring blockbuster exhibitions. Whether the project is for a permanent display or for a global tour, we’re committed to offering our clients and its visitors a first-rate experience. Our expert fabricators work tirelessly and meticulously to build stellar, quality guest experiences that make an unforgettable impact on our clients’ visitors.


At Flying Fish, we place considerable value on spending dedicated face-to-face time with our clients. As a result, we know the industry better, and thus – we can better serve it! Our strong network reaches around the globe ranging from natural history museums and science centers to art galleries and industry experts from various capacities. Rather than operating as a self-serving sales engine, we’re proud of our exhibitions and only offer quality-tested product from institutional collaborations. This results in full tour schedules, happy clients, and a new, sustainable methodology in touring exhibitions.


Against industry norm, Flying Fish manages each of its exhibitions in-house. Our staff of Exhibition Managers anticipate each exhibition display by coordinating with host venues on marketing, logistics, gallery prep, and more, before attending and leading installations and deinstallations in person. We know our exhibitions and we know what it takes to make them a success for our hosts.


Flying Fish makes the transportation of exhibitions and artifacts turnkey across the world.  Experts in logistics behind moving and transporting exhibitions, Flying Fish will drive down the costs of your transportation by removing brokers or freight forwarders and adding our expert oversight.


Flying Fish Freight Services can transport your content door-to-door across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.  We have changed the way the industry transports exhibits, objects and artifacts. Museums and exhibitors now have access directly to the freight lines with an account manager at Flying Fish that understands your content, needs, and the value of your items. This adds decades of knowledge on domestic transport and the international import and export process as well.  At Flying Fish, we do everything with integrity, efficiency and expertise and are pleased to additionally provide this service.


Our freight service has been designed to ease your worries by dealing with a one-stop-shop that understands all aspects of your business model as well as the value of your freight!  Flying Fish have pushed the industry standards to a new, higher level.